Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelly

It's always hard for me to believe when another year of my children's life has passed - and yet - here we are again. Our little Kelly turned 3 last week. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing this little angel home from the hospital. Kelly was our smallest baby and has continued to be quite petite. Maybe that's why its so hard for me to believe she is actually 3 years old. She loves to cuddle and do almost anything with mom and dad. She loves dancing, reading, playing with her babies and helping out any way she can. For being such a shy and quiet baby, she has turned into quite the talker. She starts most of her sentences with "Mom (or the name of whoever she may be talking to), you're a silly goose!" and loves to throw the word "actually" in wherever she can. She loves, Loves, LOVES sharing a room with her big sister. She seems to have a special relationship with each member of our family and we all love and adore her! Happy Birthday Kells!

Abbie and Kelly then...

Abbie and Kelly now. Not much has changed!

Kelly loved all of her presents. I'm not quite sure what is in her hand????

Kelly wanted a princess cake and decided cupcakes allowed her to have all the princesses with Belle (her current favorite) as the centerpiece!


Ken, Lisa, & Kids said...

Happy birthday Kelly!... That's an awesome princess cake that you had!

Ken, Lisa, & Kids :)

Jen said...

I still remember introducing myself to you in RS and she was just tiny!! Time flies! She's a doll!