Sunday, August 30, 2009

Residency Madness

If anyone ever wonders about the long hours and intense pressure residents are under, this picture says it all. Let me explain....Pete and his fellow residents on the Infectious Disease service decided that in order to fit in with their consultants they needed to grow mustaches. I am sure this was done during a very intense, sleep deprived moment - otherwise I have to blame it on decide.

Our summer in a Nutshell....

Building retaining walls and planting grass,
wrestling with dad,
making the kids own pajamas,
lots and lots of riding bikes,
and a quick trip to Utah for Ben's wedding!

(P.S. - does anyone else find it a little wierd that Kelly rubs her belly button to fall asleep?)


Luckily my children inherited my love of rain......

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fourth of July

We were able to go over to our friends and have a BBQ, fireworks, and roast marshmellows! From their backyard we could see fireworks from several counties. It was fun to be with friends and celebrate since last year I opted to stay home (Pete was on call). Although Pete came out later, at least he got to be there!

Strawberry Picking

Some friends from out ward invited us to go strawberry picking at a local farm. What a fun thing to do. The kids got to help pick (and eat) the strawberries. They have decided they love gardening if it involves picking and eating yummy food! This is definately something we will do next year. Thanks Jen!