Sunday, November 15, 2009

Behold Your Little Ones

I have been reminded lately what wonderful children I have. Each of them have made me very proud and I am truly grateful for them.

Abbie was chosen to receive the Character Acheivement Award at school by her teacher. She was chosen because she showed great teamwork and was a good example to her peers. She also gave her first talk in primary today. She worked so hard to try and memorize her talk. I would find her in her room or in the bathroom practicing all week. We are so proud of her and know that our Heavenly Father is as well.

While Joshua loves preschool, he has continued to be a homebody. No matter what we are doing, he always wants to know when we get to go back home. He has turned into such a big helper. He loves to surprise me in the morning by getting ready for the day without me having to ask. So, he will get up and get dressed, make his bed, brush his teeth, and say his prayers all on his own. He also loves to help me cook and help keep Kelly happy.

Kelly is growing quickly and has found out she can do things on her own. She is talking more and can even say "yes" now (everything used to be answered with a "no")! Abbie and Josh claim she is the best at playing tag and horsey (she rides on their backs). Her favorite past time however, is reading and taking off her pajamas. Oh the wonders of being a child!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pete's Projects

Since Pete only ended up working 74 hours the last 3 weeks he was able to complete some projects around the home. He made the following home improvements.
-New coat rack for downstairs
-New fireplace mantel downstairs
-New light fixtures in the bedrooms

Here are some pictures of the mantel

Happy Halloween

Halloween seemed to last longer than one day this year. Abbie and Josh both had Halloween parties at their schools. Abbie's school does a Halloween parade where they walk from room to room wearing their costumes. Abbie got to lead the parade and was very excited.

Halloween day was filled with anticipation for the kids and a little bit of dread for the parents. It always seems to take forever to get the kids dressed in their costumes and out the door only to have the kids want to head home because they are tired or cold after only a few houses. This year, the kids actually held up pretty well. Even Kelly insisted on walking and did pretty good at keeping up with her older sister and brother. After trick-or-treating we went to some friends house for a little Halloween get together.

All in all, it was a fun night enjoyed by both the kids and adults. And like most Halloween's, we will still be eating the candy for months to come!

Abbie as a Ballerina

Josh as Spiderman (yes, again)

Kelly as Little Red Riding Hood